Todays test!!!

It is getting brighter!!! I’m going on day four with this headache. I was super nauseous this morning!  I pray this is not the first pregnancy I get morning sickness!  I’m trying to eat but NOTHING sounds good lol. I did get lemonade today and it was the best I’ve ever had!!! Only three more days untill the blood test!!!



I peed again tonight

I had more tests so I felt like I should try again while ricky left for taco bell! He wouldn’t have let me test again lol. Anyway I peed and there it was finally a second tiny tiny faint line!!!!! I instantly started crying and thanking God!!! I know he always takes care of me! Its so hard for me sometimes to understand his timing! I have zero patience lol. I then called Molly and told her!! She was not as excited as I was but I know she has to be cautious with all this! This makes me feel so much better though and less stressful. I knew my headaches were a bit much its been like three days off and on!!!! My heart is filled with love for this baby right now. Its amazing how many people love him or her so much to get him or her here!!! Thanks again everyone for praying and please don’t stop we have a long way to go. I hope we have good big beta numbers on thursday!!!!


Today was the big day to pee

I held it all night and couldn’t wait I have felt all kinds of symptoms like headaches and nausea and I’m breaking out like a twelve year old. But the meds I’m on can do all this too they make your body think its pregnant!  So I called molly and peed unfortunately it just showed one line. So it looks like I’m not pregnant or its just not registering yet. I’m hoping by Thursday my blood test will show something! I feel very sad and let down I love their baby and them. I’m sure this is SO much harder for them. Ill just keep praying and hope for good news soon!!!

I’m going crazy!!!!


It has only been 3 days!!!! Into my 2ww!!! We are all so excited and nervous. I’m trying to tune into any and every little thing my body may be feeling or doing! I will say the day after and yestersay I had some mild cramping nothing horrible but noticeable. The first day I thought this was maybe in my head (wishful thinking) but then yesterday it kept happening. So it was true! So what do I do GOOGLE. Bad idea lol it says it could be many things it could be great the baby implanting (what were all hoping) or just from the procedure. So we have all talked about poas (peeing on a stick)  I have always said I just want to do what they want! They said whatever I want!!! Lol but we ultimately decided we will. Were doing it together Sunday morning. I have been praying that we see something just a little line. Ill be so so sad if this dosnt work. I know it sounds crazy but I love this baby that little ball of cells is a baby that I want so very badly to give to Jon and Molly. I have never lost a baby myself and I know this will not be easy for me if I don’t turn out to be pregnant. Then I think if this will be hard for me how incredibly hard this will be for them. I also know if this dosnt work we will keep trying so that makes me feel good too. Also if the test does show negative that dosnt mean it dosnt have time to show positive. We will still have the beta test that will tell us for sure! Ill be sure to update sunday morning so please keep thinking and praying for us!

Transfer went great!!!

We got there just on time we got a little turned around lol. We got to wear great outfits lol. I was so SO nervous the night before. I didn’t really sleep at all and was so worried the whole way there. As soon as I walked in the doors and seen Molly and Jon I felt great!


I know this is all for this baby we all love so very much!!! Now I’m in the 2ww (2 week wait) we decided to just wait a few days and see how we all feel about testing early. (peeing on sticks) lol on one hand I can’t wait to test on the other I don’t want to be let down or more importantly let them down!!! Its just to much to process right now. I’m feeling great I stayed in bed the whole time and drank lots of water. I’m hoping to start feeling some signs soon! The baby was 6 days old and they magnified it 1000 times for us to see him or her!!! It was honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! I’m hoping and praying this baby is digging deep in there for a long 9 months!!! That’s all I really have for now thanks for reading and please keep praying for us all!!!




I have the best cousin Barb in the world lol she came all the way from her house in st. Peters to troy just to stab me in the butt lol. I was so worried and so was ricky he didn’t want to hurt me or do it wrong lol. So I just bent over and she jabbed it in there lol.  I was shocked I felt nothing!!! So now I only have four days untill we leave and five untill I get pregnant!!!! (I hope) I talked with molly and she is excited and nervous too! I’m glad I’m not the only one. So now I just have to pray ricky does as well as Barb did!!! If not ill have to pay her to come over every night lol.