IUD gone.

Went to see my doctor today and got my IUD out I was scared it would hurt but it was like a pinch so not bad at all! She is so excited for me and I’m so excited that she is so supporting of this whole thing! I know some women keep it a secret from there doctor. I don’t think I could. So now I just have to wait for my period hurry up 4 weeks lol. I also talked with the nurse at the doctors office in Chicago and she said it was ok to start taking prenatals so I started today they are the gummy ones!!! Way more fun then the giant pills! I suck at swallowing big pills just ask ricky lol. I also want to say I’m feeling so blessed to finally be in this part of the process I felt like giving up a few times and thought it was maybe just not ment to be… so thanks for all the support! !! I’m so lucky to have a great support team at work I don’t know what I would do without katelyn, lindsay, and cheryl!!!! They are great listners!!! And my poor hubby who has to hear about all the ups and downs everyday lol.



Omg omg she is SOOOO sweet!!! I can’t believe it went so well. I was already on the line when they got on. the lady from the agency was a little late but we did just fine without her! I’m glad we seemed to just click. well me and the (Im)intended mommy! (Id) intended daddy didn’t say much lol. I think it was more for me and her anyway! I just can’t express enough how happy I am right now I’m so glad now that God had put the obstacles in my way that he did! Its all for the greater good! So for anyone not to this point yet we talked about basics our jobs having twins what we wanted our relationship to be like ect… I am so happy they want to be as involved as they can be and I want the same! So now its more waiting grrrr. I have never wished for a period to come but boy am I now lol!!!!

Match call!!!!

Ok so I just got a email from my agency that we get to do our match call with the couple on this SATURDAY at 2:00!!!! I’m SO SO scared and nervous. I haven’t said this yet but I like them so much already they seem so sweet and loving in there information they gave me. Not that I didn’t like the other profiles I saw but the only way I can describe it is like house hunting. I really liked the first one and two but then when you see the next your like WOW this is really the one! I just feel it I know lots could still go wrong but I’m trusting God to send me the perfect couple for us and our family. I’m so very excited to hear their voices and talk with them I hope the conversation is easy and flows well. I really hope there is a connection for all of us. I’m most worried there will be a lot of awkward silence. I don’t know why I worry about that I mean I’m the most outgoing person ever lol. This is a huge step for us last time I got to this point they called the day before to say the couple had a family emergency and had to leave the country I hope I get no crazy calls tomorrow! Please keep praying and I can’t wait to update Saturday! !!!


WooooooooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I’m finally approved! !!! I got my email from there doctors office this morning!!! So now I have to go get my iud out and wait for my next period then I will start the birth control pills and they will set up a time for me to go in and get checked out and my bloodwork done for me and ricky!!! Also I should have my match call with the couple in the next few days. So much great exciting news today. Thanks for all the prayers along the way its all comming togeather now! I can’t wait to tell you guys about my phone call with them.

Woooo hoooo!!!!

My hospital finally refaxed the 2010 record’s and the angency could read it!!! So they sent it right over to the ips doctor!  They said I should be getting a phone call or email from there doctors office to set up my medical screening!!!! And also our phone interview to kind of meet each other!!! I’m hoping we get along well and then when we go to chicago for our medical screening I hope we can meet them there!!! I’m so glad I’m finally getting some good news. Thanks so much for all the kind words and praying that’s been going on. I can’t wait to help make a amazing family!!!!

I’m freaking out!

Ok so they still can’t read my medical records from 2010!!!! So my agency emailed me and said if my doctor would talk to them then they think it may be good enough. I’m so worried my Dr is AMAZING and very supportive of this whole thing so I’m pretty sure she will be ok with talking to there dr but I’m still worried what if she dosnt I mean I’m sure this is a little beyond the call of duty… I just love this couple so much and don’t want anything else to screw it up!!! I mean everyone else seems to get matched right away and be on there way to taking meds and transfers. I hope my doctor is ok with all this. Ill try to keep everyone updated as much as I can please keep praying for me!!!