37 week dr appointment

Well they checked me and I’m a whopping 2cm… 😂 We are thinking we just may make it to induction day now. I know I could be 2cm today and 4 next week so who knows really. It is exciting to be officially on the books for baby time though. 🥰 I have another appointment next Thursday so we will check again then. The really good news is that he was back to head down! So maybe all that crazy moving he was doing the other day was him deciding to move back to the right position! I’ll keep you posted if anything big or exciting starts happening.

My belly from today. 🥰

37 weeks! 2 weeks or less to go.

Today is 37 weeks so we have just 2 Weeks or less now! Baby is still moving a ton. I’m hoping he has flipped back down to head down but I guess I won’t know until tomorrow when the Dr checks me. I now have fancy compression leggings and and croc shoes I have been wearing to help with my leg swelling. It’s so weird my feet are fine it’s just my knees down to my ankles. 😂 I have really really been struggling to sleep at night. I’m up ever couple hours to pee and sometimes I just can’t fall back asleep. We are also currently having our basement remodeled. So they start work by 8am. I maybe should have thought that out a little better. 🧐 I’m definitely getting some contractions off and on nothing I can really time yet. They definitely are less Braxton Hicks though because these are hurting ones that make me have to stop what I’m doing and take a break! I’m just glad this guy has already decided to stay longer then his brother did. I will enjoy our time together as long as he wants to hang out with me. 🥰 I’m waiting for any other signs labor is coming not much else seems to be happening though. I do think my boobs are preparing for milk though because they feel much heavier these days! I’m going to pump my colostrum for baby in the hospital and then a girl I work with is having a baby so I will give some to her also! I’m glad I found someone who will get the benefits of the milk. 🥰

As I look back I feel like all my pregnancy’s have gone by so very fast. I always feel sad thinking this could be it for me. Obviously I never know what could happen during delivery. I wonder how so many other women just know they are done being pregnant and they are totally content never getting pregnant again. I secretly wish I could feel this way. Maybe it would make things easier for me? I just feel so sad thinking I will never feel the tiny fluttering of a life inside me again. Or these giant kicks and rolls this boy likes to do! Also knowing I’ve been able to meet such incredible families and help such deserving moms makes all the difference to me. I will never be able to understand the level of trust they were able to put into me. I can’t imagine being on the other side of this. I can only hope someone would do this for me. That’s what I always think, when people say how lucky these couples are to have me. If they only knew how lucky I was to have THEM! These last 12 years of my life I have been pregnant (basically) and every single pregnancy has been a miracle. This will honestly be life’s greatest accomplishment. Being able to have my children and children for others. I’m not sure what else I could do that would make me feel so happy and proud. Then the best part is knowing that I will get to see what these beautiful little people get to grow up and do! I hate that kids grow so fast but it’s amazing to see the personalities they have and to think of all the great things in life they will accomplish. 🥰 I feel like an extra proud aunt I guess🥰.

Tomorrow I’ll do an extra mini update if I remember so we can all see if little LB has decided to move back to head down. In the mean time if everyone could pray for a safe and healthy delivery for us I would appreciate it! Also if he does decide to come before his induction date of June 30th that his mom and dad can make it to town quickly and safely as well! I’ll post a few pictures and a crazy video of this little ninja.

How’s Baby LB?

Baby LB is over 6-7 pounds and 19 inches (48.9 cm) tall, the size of a honeydew melon. And at 37 weeks your little honey is now considered near-term, meaning their systems are developed enough to sustain them outside of the womb, which is a big milestone. But growing in the womb for a couple more weeks can do nothing but help, as Baby LB continues to put on more of that adorable baby fat that you’re going to love spending so much time hugging and kissing! They also keep inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid as their lungs prepare to make their grand entrance into this open, airy world. And their digestive system also waits in the wings for the time when Baby LB will need it for something other than the amniotic fluid it’s been working with for all of these months.

Baby LB’s reflexes are also quite strong by now, and if you were to put your finger in the middle of their palm, your baby’s hand would grasp around yours. By the time your little one is born, this reflex, and Baby LB’s grip, will be strong enough that you could almost lift Baby LB by the hold that they can grab onto your hand with (not that you should try it out!). In fact, when Baby LB first comes into the world, they’re already going to have a full set of the reflexes that will help them thrive.

What’s new with you?

While Baby LB may still do a little more growing, you’ve probably grown as big as you’re going to during pregnancy, and you might start to notice new stretch marks in different places as your uterus reaches its largest size. You might also be continuing to deal with some uncomfortable heartburn. And you could even see some spotting around this time, as your cervix may be beginning to dilate and get thinner as it prepares to pass Baby LB through. As your cervix thins, you might start seeing a bloody mucus discharge that indicates the blood vessels in your cervix are rupturing as you prepare to give birth. While this is common, especially after a vaginal exam or sex, contact your provider if you notice increased vaginal bleeding.

Check out these crocs… 😂 They are actually super duper comfortable!
My poor legs have a fat roll from the space between my shoes and my compression leggings 😆

I got checked today!

Dr sammons told me last week that she would check me this week and do my group B test this week. Because I was worried about all the contractions I was having at work. She also advised me to slow down and take more breaks. So I have been doing that. I also only worked 2 days this week though so I’m sure that helped 😂.

I went back and forth on if I should go ahead and get checked today or not since I’m only 35 weeks and I was worried what if it put me in labor or something crazy. I ultimately decided she’s a dr and obviously knows best. Plus it would be nice to know if I was super progressed or needed to stop working or something so we could keep him cooking for a few more weeks!

The Great news was he was head down! At least for our appointment today. He moves a ton but I’ll take this as a win and hope he likes the view down that way. 😂 when she checked me she said I was 1cm but my cervix was still long and thick!!! Woohoo 🙌 this made me so happy. She even said well maybe we will make it to induction day.

I was just so worried because of Leaf coming at 37 weeks. I don’t want to be cheated out of my last few fun weeks of pregnancy. I’m totally fine with him coming at 38/39 weeks 37 just seemed too soon. We also decided to go ahead and get my first dose of the Covid vaccine today. We are hoping the baby will get some of the good antibodies from it before he flys home. I can’t get my last dose until June 21st so we are cutting it super close to induction day. 😂 I’m now hoping I don’t get any yuck symptoms right before birth. I obviously don’t want to feel like crap and not be able to take anything or be trying to birth not feeling well. I guess we will see. So far I just have a sore arm but feel fine. Here is what sweet baby LB is up to this week!

How’s Baby LB?

Many babies are now rotating from the breech position (head up) to turn head down into your pelvis. As they move into their birth position, Baby LB will then drop lower in your pelvis. If this is your first pregnancy, this may happen soon, even weeks before you give birth, though in later pregnancies it often doesn’t happen until just before labor or even after labor begins.

At between 18 or 19 (45.7-48.3 cm) inches and 5-6 lbs (2.25-2.7 kg), the size of a bunch of carrots, Baby LB is getting close to the size they’re going to be at birth! And most of Baby LB’s organ and skeleton development is complete, although they’re still refining their abilities every day. Really, most of the work Baby LB has left to do is just growing bigger and stronger. In particular, Baby LB’s lovely lungs need a bit more time to prepare for the outside world.

What’s new with you?

Are you feeling ready to have Baby LB in your home and your life? Even if emotionally that question might be hard to answer, make sure you’ve done what you need to do to prepare for your little one’s arrival from a practical perspective, like getting your little one’s sleeping space set up; getting some diapers, clothes, and any other basics; and looking into any necessary insurance changes you may want to make.

As you approach the end of pregnancy, you might notice that you’re squirting out a few drops of urine when you cough or sneeze, but Kegel exercises can help with this. You may be noticing an increase in vaginal discharge too. So if you need some extra protection in your underwear, pads can provide you with some extra assurance. And soon your Braxton Hicks contractions may start to happen more frequently, last longer, and be more uncomfortable. Again, this is a normal part of your uterus preparing for birth, and Baby LB will be here before you know it!

I have also been addicted to sonic cherry limeades!

Small in between update.

I’m still pregnant Woohooo. This is my last official month of pregnancy. This makes so so excited for J and K. June 30th will be our induction day if he doesn’t come before then. Some days I feel like I could be pregnant for another 3 months and some days I’m worried I won’t make it another few days. 😂 This boy just moves and kicks so much he takes my breath away when he’s getting all crazy in there. Plus since his brother came at 37 weeks that makes me worry too! I want this boy to cook at least 38 weeks. So last week I had a good amount of Braxton Hicks contractions. Only when I was super busy at work and obviously not drinking enough water. So I let Dr Sammons know what was going on and she obviously told me to take more breaks and drink my water. She also said for me to start coming each week and she may check me this week. I’m hoping to not have as many Braxton Hicks this week and then maybe I can skip being checked unless she thinks I really need it. She will also do my group B test. I did start scheduling myself some actual breaks into my busy days as well so hopefully that also helps. I was joking with my clients that they would be the ones to actually put me into labor. 😂 I will be 35 weeks tomorrow and I have my appointment on Thursday so I’ll update everyone then. Hello home stretch. Don’t forget to pray baby LB flips head down and stays that way!

This was from last week. 🥰
Sonic slushes are my favorite right now. 😆

33 weeks!

Only 6 weeks or less to go!!! I’m really really hoping to go until 38 weeks at least. I know the Dr will induce us on June 30th so we shall see. As far as symptoms go I’m still eating my ice and other then that I’m actually not eating a ton because I honestly don’t have a ton of room for food. 😂 I just try to eat little stuff through the day. I am having some Braxton Hicks from time to time so that’s fun. Last week our appointments went well. I had a regular ob appointment with a 3D ultrasound and then the growth scan! Good news everything still looks perfect even with the two vessel cord. He’s growing just fine. They estimated he was 4 pounds and 1oz at 32 weeks! So he could be a big boy. ❤️ I’m so excited to meet this little man. His mom and dad are getting super excited too! Hopefully they are ready for this little night owl. He really does love playing at night time. I love this time we get to spend together. I feel so lucky to be trusted with such important cargo. Next week I’ll have another regular appointment then one more growth scan before the big delivery day!!!

How’s Baby LB?

Baby LB is growing up so fast! Your baby is 17-19 inches tall, the size of a cauliflower blossom, weighs between 4 and 6 lbs. At this point in pregnancy though, there is a large variation in size from one baby to the next, and it’s harder to give an estimate for how big Baby LB is getting. Baby LB is going to keep putting on about a half pound (230 g) a week, and as long as your healthcare provider says they’re on track, it’s safe to assume that your little one’s growth is just perfect for them.

Your baby is also beginning to keep their eyes open while they’re awake, and before too long you’ll get to see those eyes look right into your own! Baby LB’s bones are still forming, and though relatively soft, they keep hardening. And your little one’s brain is developing more and more every day. 

Is Baby LB still causing a ruckus in there? While their kicks should have become more regular now, counting kicks is as important as ever as it can go a long way in helping you monitor your baby’s health. So it’s a good idea to pick a moment each day to count the kicks. 

What’s new with you?

Your growing body may increasingly be making some of your normal activities harder and more uncomfortable. So take care as you move through your days — take your time getting in and out of bed, cars, or up from seats; be careful moving in crowded spaces as you might accidentally bump your belly into furniture, and just be patient and forgiving as do your usual activities with an amazing body that’s still changing every day. 

Many folks also experience insomnia during their third trimester, which you can blame on a restless mind, restless hormones, and trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in. Getting enough rest is very important though, so try to get as comfy and cozy as possible so that you can sleep as much as you can. And if you haven’t started using a sleep pillow yet, this may help you get more comfortable and feel more supported so that you can get in those zzzs.

Awe I love it!!!

32 weeks.

Happy 32 weeks to us. Baby LB is still moving like crazy and enjoying the cozy life on the inside while he plumps up for mom and dad! I’m so happy to house this little fella for his last few weeks. 😍 Its definitely going by super fast. I’m excited for all the fun the next few weeks will bring! Braxton Hicks, being checked, looking for all the little signs and symptoms that baby could be making his way into the world.

I’ve definitely been asked a lot this time how I’m feeling and what it’s like at the end. Being 100% honest I will say it’s all so worth it! Don’t get me wrong emotionally it’s weird. Not at all because I want this baby or that I want to take a baby home 😆. It’s just that when you invest SO SO much of yourself into such a big thing it’s hard when it’s over. For the last year of my life I have been consumed with blood work, contracts, medicine, shots, drs appointments etc etc

All to help another family so it’s weird when all the sudden my part is all over and everything is just supposed to go back to normal. It’s like life around me hasn’t changed but for me so much has changed and I’m stuck pretending like nothing crazy just happened days, weeks, or months ago. I always cry the first few days/week after. My hormones are a mess and honestly I just miss my belly buddy. Usually you have a baby and then obviously take them home but I go from growing them and loving them to going home to my family. It’s just different. Like I said I wouldn’t change a single thing about it and all the joy that this brings to everyone else. Not only the mom and dad but grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings etc. It’s totally worth it all! I just thought it would be nice to explain for everyone who’s curious.

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow and for a growth scan! I’m hoping baby is still staying head down. Let’s all cross our fingers and toes. 😆

Now let’s share what’s up with baby LB and some fun pictures!

How’s Baby LB?

As Baby LB keeps getting closer and closer to being born, they now measure in at 17-18 inches, are the size of a pomelo, and weigh about 4.3 pounds. Your little one’s head also has a coating of fuzz, and their skin is continuing to fill out. Baby LB is still a little ways away from their first mani-pedi, but they already do have a full set of fingernails and toenails! In fact, one of your baby’s favorite activities right now is sucking their fingers, which is not only cute, but actually improves their coordination and familiarizes them with their body.

And Baby LB is really practicing for the big stage, breathing and “swimming” like crazy. Your baby is also probably already in the head down position with their head moving closer to your pelvis as they prepare for delivery.

What’s new with you?

This late in your pregnancy, you know your own unique symptoms pretty well. Symptoms are different for every pregnant person, but one of the most common symptoms of the third trimester is the increased need to pee. Hemorrhoids, flatulence, and constipation might continue as well. And you’ve probably reached a peak in the increased blood flow that’s, by now, been contributing to any number of symptoms. That extra 50% of blood does have a purpose though — currently it’s helping to keep Baby LB snug and safe, and it’s also going to help make up for the blood you lose in delivery.

It’s also time to start thinking more about your hopes and plans for labor and delivery, including thinking about if you may want to use any pain management. Talk to your provider about your options and what makes most sense for you. Epidural anesthesia is among the most common pain management options, though many opt for other medications, or elect to have medication-free births. It is also possible to labor without analgesics (pain meds) but need other medications like pitocin and/or antibiotics. Ask your provider about the pain management options available to you and any other questions you have about labor and delivery. It does help to go into labor with an understanding of your options, but keep in mind that you can always ask more questions even when in labor if you change your mind then. Everyone’s desires and needs are different, and your provider and care team will help you do what’s best for you

Armadillos are my favorite!!! ♥️😆

30 weeks

30 weeks means only 10 weeks left! Actually we only have 9 or less since Dr Sammons said she would induce us on June 30th if I don’t go before then. On one hand I’m so incredibly excited for J and K and on the other I’m sad that my time is coming to an end with my belly buddy. 🥰 The end of pregnancy is my absolute favorite. I love all the big movements and all the excitement that comes with contractions and labor.

Yesterday at work I was super busy and when I got home I noticed I definitely had some mild swelling in my ankles! This hasn’t happened since I was pregnant with Ellie. I am glad I have only had one pregnancy that swelling was an issue because I can honestly say it sucks. I hate fat sore feet. Thankfully by this morning my feet were just fine.

We had a Dr appointment today and it was an easy quick appointment. We checked on baby and he looks good. He was actually head down today too! Now who knows how long it will last but I really hope this little guy will be extra nice to us all and just stay head down so we have less to worry about. He is definitely quite the mover in there though and I love it. I got some good kicks on video the other day to send to his mom and dad.

I’ve definitely started getting more sleepy again and my major craving is still ice 🧊. I love long naps and lots of trips to the bathroom all day and night. The kids are getting super excited for baby to come too. Kailynn is excited to see him and I’m pretty sure Everett is just excited because he knows we are going back to Disney after baby comes. 😂 I’m pretty excited to go back to Disney too.

It’s so crazy how fast all this goes. I feel like I was just suffering with all the shots and extra hormones. Now looking at how big this guy is getting and knowing soon he will make his grand introduction into this world. I’m excited to see exactly what he looks like. All those little features we see on ultrasound in real life. I just know Mr Leaf is going to be a great big brother. Like most siblings I’m sure he has no idea what’s really in store for him though. 😂 I remember Kailynn was so confused that this new baby was just going to be staying with us every day! That all changes quickly though and then they have a built in best friend.

I’ll post what baby LB is up too now and some new pictures.

Baby LB is growing like crazy, now 16-17 inches, the size of a cantaloupe, and probably weighing somewhere near three and a half pounds. At this point, most babies will start to move from the breech position (head up) to the birth position (head down) where their heads are delivered first. If your healthcare provider says Baby LB doesn’t appear to be moving from the breech position, you can ask them about exercises to encourage Baby LB into a head down birth position. In all likelihood, though, your little one is already rotating towards that birth position as you both move closer to that special day!

How else is your little one developing this week? Baby LB’s lanugo, the furry coat that’s been keeping them warm in the womb, will begin to fall off this week as they put on enough fat to keep them warm without it. Your little one is going to start putting on up to a half pound each week until they’re born — they’ll be far less little in just a few weeks! 

Your baby’s eyes are also still developing. And while they can open their eyes, right now their vision is extremely poor. It will continue to improve while Baby LB is in the womb, and soon this development will speed up. They might reach the point of being able to track objects moving horizontally and vertically in just a few short weeks, and by week 34, they’ll probably have vision that’s just as strong as it will be at birth.

What’s new with you?

Around now, you might notice a return of the mood swings you may have thought you left behind in the first trimester. You also might have paradoxical symptoms, like increased tiredness right alongside difficulty sleeping. These issues are common, and the important thing is that you’re three-quarters of the way done with all of these frustrations, and three-quarters of the way to meeting Baby LB.

And as you approach delivery day, it’s increasingly important to start planning for some of the important, practical things in Baby LB’s life, like their nursery or sleep space. The transition from the womb to the world is a pretty drastic one, and you want Baby LB to be in a comfortable and nurturing environment so that they can be as happy and healthy as possible. So it’s also a good time to start thinking about things like where you’re going to get baby supplies, like diapers (you’ll need diapers!), and set up a crib or bassinet if you haven’t already. 

If you have a partner, it’s great to include them in all of this prep. It can make for a nice bonding experience for you both and help them prepare for the big change happening in both of your lives — and get used to the idea that they’re going to be changing a LOT of those diapers! This is also a great time for them to spend some quality time with your growing bump, which can be a sweet way for them to nurture their bond with Baby LB even before your little one is born. Let them talk to Baby LB, touch your bump, and try to feel some of your growing baby’s movements so they can appreciate just how huge, and how wonderful, this change in your lives is going to be.

Swollen ankles ewww
Kailynn took these photos and she wanted me to be a model she said. 🤪
Awe baby kicks

Holy third trimester!

Wow 😳 I can’t believe we are already here. 28 weeks prego. The third trimester is by far my favorite! Not only do I obviously look pregnant now but baby boy is moving ALOT! Then there is all the excitement of knowing labor is on its way. We now have appointments every two weeks plus the growth scans! This week has been so busy and fun. Work has been crazy because I have to get everybody summer ready before I step out for a bit. Then J and K came into town for our growth scan this week. It was sadly a very fast visit but any time we get together is honestly always fun. I also has my sugar glucose test on Thursday. 😬 We got the results back today and all is good! Woohoo 🎉

Both ultrasounds were great. Baby LB is growing just fine still. My fluid levels are also great. This two vessel cord doesn’t seem to bother this boy one bit. We got some great pictures of him in the ultrasounds. The tech was so kind and even did some 3Ds since mom and dad were here to see. I can only imagine how good these things are going to be in 10 year from now! It was like he was already out and we were looking at him. He’s just perfect in there. I believe they said he was like 2 1/2 or almost 3 pounds! Grow baby grow.

I believe the kids were most excited J and K were coming. They love seeing them. It’s because J and K play with them and well I don’t. 😆 We ate so much food and even got to do some shopping. 🛍 I always like taking people to St Charles Main Street. It’s such a fun area. I’m definitely tired now and am excited to go to bed early tonight. So I know the third trimester is hitting. I still haven’t gained any weight but I’m trying to stay active between walks since it’s nice out and being busy at work I’m doing good. Definitely still craving ice! Fruit is still good but not like it was before. 😆

It’s crazy to think next time I see them I will be getting ready to have their baby. 11 weeks to go or less just seems crazy. It’s going to go so fast and I know it. Oh I should mention at our first appointment baby LB was breech. One hour later at the next ultrasound he was transverse! So he really is a mover in there. We also got to see him practice breathing. I’m so glad they were both able to feel him kicking around in there a little bit. I know how real it makes everything for me so I’m glad they got to feel as well.

I know I say all the time how blessed I am to help but I don’t think I can say it enough. I hear people tell me all the time how great I am and how lucky these couples are to have found me etc. etc. please know I truly am the lucky one! These families have forever changed me and my families lives for the better! I’m not an emotional girl but I could cry knowing that because I took a leap and wanted to help others that I have met such wonderful caring people! I truly can not imagine not knowing all these families. Surrogacy can be such a wonderful life changing experience for everyone involved. I’m so happy God has allowed me this opportunity to help others.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff baby is up to and LOTS of pictures from our visit. ♥️♥️♥️

Baby LB’s wrinkles are starting to disappear as they build more fat, which will help them regulate their body temperature after birth. Temperature regulation, like the surfactant your little one is producing to prevent lungs from collapsing, is a big step for Baby LB toward being able to thrive outside the womb. In the meantime, Baby LB is continuing to rehearse for life by dreaming (moving in and out of REM sleep in cycles, just like you!), coughing, and practicing breathing. What a talented baby you’ve got there!

So perfect
Had to get our picture by the expectant mothers sign. 😍
Baby kicks!

24 weeks/growth scan

Today was the growth scan and the echo heart specialist appointment. I’ve never had to see a echo heart specialist before. Apparently this is a new thing for ivf pregnancy’s they recommend now. It took TWO hours! I have to say my belly is a bit sore now. Especially my right side that’s where they kept pushing down and checking. Great news is his heart looks just fine and and growth was perfect as well! The next appointment J and K are going planning on coming up for. That will be nice to visit and for them to hopefully get to feel this little dude kicking around. I had them check to make sure it was still a two vessel cord just in case they could have been wrong. Lol they were not wrong. It’s all still good though he is now 1 pound and 7oz! Grow baby grow. My belly is growing and I still feel great. So far still no weight gain and I’m just eating my ice and my berries 😂. I wish our weather would get nice again we had a great week of sunshine and 70s and now it’s been raining and dark and crappy out. I miss my nice day walks! They did say after my next Growth scan depending on how things look I may have to go every 3 weeks instead of 4. It’s crazy to think how fast this all seems to be going by. Now let’s get to the pictures and fun stuff!

How’s Baby LB?

By the end of this week, Baby LB is probably about 13 inches long (33 cm), the size of an eggplant, and weighs just under 1.5 lbs (600 g)!

Baby LB is starting to develop taste buds, which means that before too long, your little one will be able to taste some of the stronger flavors of the things you eat through the amniotic fluid they still swallow regularly. And according to a 2011 study, this could impact their food preferences later in life, so make sure to eat a range of nutritious, tasty, flavorful foods — it might mean you’ll have an easier time introducing your toddler to new dishes in just a few years.

Baby LB’s lungs are developing significantly after all of the breathing they’ve been getting, and they’re now making cells that will produce surfactant, a material that will help them breathe and get the oxygen they need once they’re born. Surfactant is a liquid that helps keep the tiny air sacs in the lungs, the alveoli, from sticking together as a baby breathes.

Your growing baby has also gained about a quarter of a pound last week (110 g) in bones, muscle, and fat, so they’re finally beginning to really fill out. And even though Baby LB’s eyebrows, lashes, and hair are coming in, they still lack pigment and appear white. Your little one’s skin is beginning to glow a bit pinker now, due to the appearance of tiny blood vessels called capillaries. And their ears and fingernails are also fully formed now.

🧊 🧊 👶

22 weeks.

Life has been moving right along. The weather has been much nicer here the last week or so. I’m so happy because I love to be outside and go for walks! Baby LB is so very fun and active now. We are really enjoying some play time. By “we” I mean I enjoy pestering him until he kicks me. 😆 I go for my next growth scan in two weeks. I’m excited to see him again. The kids are so excited for baby to come because they know we are going to Disney after. I’m not going to lie I’m pretty excited for Disney too! Let’s hope I heal well and fast because I’m due July 7th and we are supposed to leave august 28th. I’m definitely eating ice now! I also want lots and lots of pizza. Still not gaining any weight but definitely getting rounder. I get a little winded from time to time but that’s all fine too. I’ll post a few fun pictures.

How’s Baby LB?

When Baby LB isn’t sleeping (which at this point is 12-14 hours a day), he is trying to touch anything he can. Whether it’s his face, body, or umbilical cord, he is working on his physical abilities and motor skills by practicing movement, and getting a feel for things. His inner ear is also developed to the point where he has a sense of balance. Baby LB may not be using that sense of balance on any gymnastics equipment yet, but the more his ears develop, the better the chance that he is hearing you when you talk, and learning your voice, so that when he arrives, he’ll recognize you.

And his pancreas is already busy creating its own hormones, which helps alleviate your hormonal burden. Baby LB is now about a foot tall (30.5 cm), and weighs close to a pound (450 g). His eyes are still developing, as he still lacks pigment in his iris, and therefore an eye color. Baby LB is now the size of an ear of corn.

Just me living my best life. 😆
Grow baby grow.
Well how adorable is this!